Our Story

The story begins....

Fragments of pottery crushed into the “Stroom” of our “Oude Dorp”, speak of stories too long, of travellers, friends and lovers that have made the corner on Tom Street their own.

From flying of the new flags, ageless pacts, arms exhausted all to build our city on the banks of the Mooirivier is what moves our Pub to march on with the folks whose roots were planted here before the mid eighteen hundreds filling our souls with merriment and our bellies with scrumptious nourishment.

Others however, attribute the name to the word ‘Potscherf’, meaning Broken Pot, due to the cracks that appeared in the bed of the Mooirivier during drought resembling a Broken Pot.

The old photos of yesterday makes for a home for good friends to meet over a cold beer, or engage with a glass of wine.